V.Z. Haimov, V.V. Tjurin, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)

On the development of electronic document management and archives of electronic documents in the light of the implementation of national plans and programs for the period up to 2024

Abstract: It is stated that national projects and programs developed and adopted in Russia in 2018 update the issue of developing electronic document management and archives of electronic documents in the context of intensive development of information technologies and the digital economy. It justifies the fact that one of the main aspects of the successful implementation of national projects and programs is a comprehensive, balanced and practice-oriented approach to the study of problems associated with the creation, circulation, access and storage of electronic documents. Examples are presented that demonstrate a holistic picture of the interrelationships of problems and issues of digital transformation of the economy and state sectors. The conclusion is made about the special importance of quality solutions to problems in this area, which requires the expansion of research and applied work.

Key words: national program “Digital economy of the Russian Federation”, national goals and strategic objectives for the period up to 2024, electronic records management, archives of electronic records, systematic problem setting, scientific and interdisciplinary approach, integration and coordination of efforts.