V.Z. Khaimov, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)

Experience of development of the standard for archiving audiovisual content and its description system on the basis of using the Basic set of metadata

Abstract: The article describes arguments for necessity and actuality of development of the standard «Archiving of tele-radio programs. Audio and video materials’ description. Metadata structure». The author analyses the principles and order of formation of the Basic set of metadata, allowing the unification of audiovisual documents’ descriptions. The tables with lists of elements and associated attributes of the Basic set are given. It is emphasized, that the development of the standard was held according to the normative acts of the International profile organizations. Information is provided on the basic principles of creating MXF and AXF files, as well as the Rules for participants’ interaction in audiovisual content’ exchange. The author underlines the urgency and prospects of the described standard.

Keywords: records management and archival science, audio and video content description, metadata, the Basic set of metadata, elements and attributes of the Basic set of metadata, audiovisual content, XML extensible markup language, MXF file way of materials’ exchange.