S.V. Drokov, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)
“Black Hole” in records management of organizations: classification and monetization of fiscal and criminal subjectivities

Abstract: The article presents the analysis of data of Rosstat and the Judicial Department of the Russian Federation Supreme Court for 2010-2018 on administrative offenses in economy and crimes, which allowed to identify, classify and monetize the fiscal subjectivities of records management of organizations of the first quarter of the XXI century. An indicator of UNCITRAL commercial fraud, related to “improper documents” has been disclosed. A.N. Sokova’s theses about the form of the document as a result of ordering of one kind or another activity are confirmed. Conditions for descriptors in electronic documentation environments to achieve the economic effect of sustainable development of organizations are defined. The main cause of the “Black Hole” in the records management of organizations, which consists in a closed corporate “Horizon of Events”, was established. The risks, caused by a lack of control and monitoring of the species composition of documents and their forms, used in the main documentation systems, are listed. The author presents an overview of ISO 21946 “Appraisal for managing records”, developed by ISO/TC 46/SC 11 Archives/records management.

Key words: appraisal, data, fiscal subjectivities, managing records, offenses, records, records creation, records management, risks.