S.V. Drokov, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)
Retrieving Archival Documents: Experience with Cascading Process Profiles

Abstract: The article is the first one to define the processes of justified return of documents from the Russian Federation Archival Fund. The subjects and objects of the processes, composition of the submitted documents and unified profiles of the procedures for obtaining them, organizing the execution of a judicial act and an application for return without a court decision are listed. The author presented the accredited circle of persons, in respect of whom there are obligations to return the personal origin documents from terminated criminal, administrative, filtration and verification cases, as well as employment record books, without a court decision. The article reveals the fingering (arrangement) of archival workers actions in case of disagreement, refusal of a citizen or his representative, a relative with entries in the employment record book. The criteria for making copies from the seized documents and making records of seizures into the main archives’ inventory lists are described.

Keywords: archives, return of documents, making copies, execution of a court decision, cascading processes, obligation to return, process profile, return process, employment record book.