N.G. Surovtseva, Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH)
Revisiting the Metadata Transferable to the Digital Preservation System

Abstract: The topical issue concerning the metadata for electronic records that are advisable to be imported from the electronic records management system (ERMS) into the digital preservation system (DPS) for records management is discussed. The Russian experience of adoption of “metadata for records” concept according to the development and use of information systems for records management is examined and a variety of types of metadata and the peculiarities of their use in information systems differ are noted. The determination of the metadata is proposed in accordance with the requirements of the valid regulatory acts in the field of records management and archival science, as well as foreign (German) experience on the archives of electronic records and the concept of “embedded records life cycle” in the context of information interaction. The study of this issue allows to establish the minimum metadata for records transferable from ERMS or other information systems for operational work with records into DPS registration and discovery subsystem.

Keywords: digital preservation system, digital transfer, electronic records, electronic records management system, metadata for records.