Rules of submitting articles to Editorial Board of the scientific journal «Herald of VNIIDAD», their reviewing and publishing

 Application form for authors (.docx)
  1. Rules of submitting scientific articles for publication

 1.1.  Scientific articles are accepted for publication in strict accordance with the established Requirements for submitting scientific articles for publication in the peer-reviewed scientific information and analytical journal «Herald of VNIIDAD» (hereinafter - the Journal) (Appendix 1).

 1.2.  The Authors submit applications for publication and manuscript of a scientific article on paper and in electronic form in Microsoft Word format with  the extension doc, docx or rtf (on electronic media or by e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to the Executive Secretary of the Journal.

 1.3.  If a scientific article is written by two or more Authors, a joint application by the Authors is submitted.

 1.4.  The application must contain:

 -       an article’s title;

 -       code and name of scientific specialty, to which the article corresponds;

 -       confirmation of the fact, that this article has not previously been published and does not violate the copyright of other persons;

 - confirmation of the absence in a scientific article of information, not subject to publication in the open press, or prohibited for distribution in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

 1.5.  The application includes the fact of each Author’s consent to the processing and publication of his personal data, indicated by him in the materials provided, in the order, prescribed by the Federal Law № 152-FZ from July 27, 2006 «On Personal Data», as well as the consent for presentation of the published text, indicating  name, surname, patronymic name and place of work (organization, position) of each Author at the Institute's Internet sites ( and Scientific Electronic Library LLC (

 1.6.  The obligatory elements of scientific article should be an abstract (or annotation), describing scientific novelty of the problem under consideration, containing a brief description of the results obtained and a list of keywords or phrases from text of the article, having a substantial semantic meaning in it, which makes it possible to facilitate and expand the possibilities of finding the article by means of information retrieval systems.

 1.7.  The basis for inclusion of scientific article into the Journal is the presence of reviews (recommendations) of reviewers (scanned reviews with signature and seal are allowed), which confirm scientific credibility of the reviewed materials and their compliance with scientific topics.

 1.8.  The following requirements are presented to the submitted scientific article:

 - compliance with the topics of the Journal;

 - primary publication;

 - lack of information, classified as a state or other secret, protected by  legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as any other information, not subject to publication in the open press or prohibited for distribution in accordance with the requirements of legislation of the Russian Federation;

 - mandatory availability of bibliographic references;

 - compliance with the Requirements for preparation and submission of scientific articles for publication in the Journal (Appendix 1).

 1.9.  Information about the Authors in Russian and English languages ​​is attached to each scientific article for publication in the Journal with indication of last name, first name and patronymic name;  academic degree (if any) and academic title (if any);  current position, full name of structural unit and organization, its location, as well as contact information on issues, related to preparation of article for publication (phone number; e-mail address);  for legal entities holders of exclusive rights to scientific article: name (full and abbreviated), location, contacts.

 If the Author has publications, presented in the national bibliographic database of scientific citation (hereinafter - RISC), then it is necessary to indicate  the last name, first name, patronymic name and organization’s name in English from the Internet site in order to avoid inaccurate  translation.

 1.10.  The Authors of manuscripts are fully responsible for accuracy of the information provided, as well as for the content of scientific articles, the facts cited in them, quotes, statistics, formulas, names and initials, and also references to sources.

 1.11.  Applications for publication are registered by the Executive Secretary of the Journal.

 1.12.  The Executive Secretary of the Journal shall provide primary control of the submitted documents and manuscripts of scientific articles for compliance with the requirements, established by clauses 1.1-1.10 of these Rules.  In case of discrepancies, the Executive Secretary of the Journal shall send recommendations to the Authors on their corrections.

 1.13.  If the discrepancies, identified during the primary control to the specified requirements, have not been corrected, such applications are not accepted for consideration.  The Executive Secretary of the Journal shall notify the Authors about such situation with indication of refusal’s reasons.

 1.14.  The initially received or improved scientific articles, recognized as relevant to the requirements, established by paragraphs 1.1-1.10 of these Rules, are subject to scientific expert review (peer reviewing).

 1.15.  The Executive Secretary of the Journal presents scientific articles to the Editors in charge of scientific activities, recommended for reviewing.  The Editors identify reviewers for each scientific article and send them for review in a single copy, printed on one side of an A4 paper sheet without specifying names of the Authors.

 1.16.  The presented scientific articles and electronic media are not returned to the Authors.

  1. The procedure for reviewing scientific articles

 2.1.  Expert review (peer reviewing) of scientific articles is carried out by reviewers, appointed by the Editorial Board.

 2.2. The Editors organize a review of all scientific articles, that meet the requirements, set forth in paragraphs 1.1-1.10 of these Rules.

 2.3.  The reviewers may be scientists of VNIIDAD (hereinafter - the Institute) and other scientists, who have a PhD and doctor’ s degree, who are specialists in the subject (specialization) of peer-reviewed scientific article, and they have publications on the subject (specialization) of the peer-reviewed scientific article in the last 3 years.

 2.4.  Terms of review are determined by agreement with the reviewer for each individual case with making conditions for the most rapid publication of scientific articles.

 2.5.  The reviewer is notified, that the manuscript, sent to him, is the intellectual property of the Author(s), other copyright holders of exclusive rights and refers to information, that cannot be copied and disseminated, otherwise used, and can be used by the reviewer only for review purposes.

2.6.  The review is made on the Form of review of the scientific article, submitted for publication in the periodic peer-reviewed scientific journal «Herald of VNIIDAD» (Appendix 2).

 2.7.  The following requirements are made to the content of review:

  1. a) review should contain qualified analysis of the scientific article, an objectively argued assessment of it and reasonable recommendations;
  2. b) review should cover the following questions:

relevance of the topic of the scientific article, its compliance with the theme of the Journal;

 evaluation of the structure of material’s presentation;

 scientific level (compliance with the terminology, used by the Author, methods, techniques and research results of modern achievements of science and practice; degree of reasonableness of judgments, conclusions and recommendations);

 scientific novelty; correct manner of using materials of other Authors;

 correspondence of title, abstract, keywords to the content of the article;

 recommendations for entering into heading of the Journal;

 assessment of readiness of the scientific article for publication in relation to language and style, compliance with the established Rules for submitting a  scientific article for publication in the Journal;

  1. c) final part of the review should contain reasonable conclusions about the scientific article as a whole and proposals on expediency or inexpediency of its publication in the Journal.

 The review should be completed by one of the following conclusions:

 «recommended for publication»;

 «recommended for publication after removal of indicated comments without re-reviewing»;

 «may be published after a significant revision of article and re-reviewing»;

 «can not be published»;

  1. d) reviewer indicates a name, initials, place of work (position, structural unit and organization), academic degree and academic title.

 2.8.  If review of the scientific article contains an indication of the need for its revision, then it is sent to the Authors for revision with a list of comments and suggestions from reviewer.

 2.9.  After correction according to the comments, the Authors submit  a scientific article to Executive Secretary of the Journal, who presents them to the same reviewer for a second review.

 2.10.  The scientific article is sent for re-review in the case of:

 eliminating the reviewer's comments with the mark «re-reviewed»;

 reasoned disagreement of the Authors with opinion of reviewer.

 2.11.  The Editors send the Authors of submitted materials a copy of the text part of reviews or a motivated refusal (without specifying information about  reviewers), and also send copies of reviews to Executive Body, performing functions of developing and implementing public policy and legal regulation in education, scientific and technical and innovative activities upon request.  Providing reviews and data on reviewer to third parties is possible by written permission of reviewer or in cases, provided by legislation of the Russian Federation.

 2.12. The scientific article, not recommended by a reviewer for publication, is not accepted for reconsideration.  By decision of the Editorial, scientific article, that is not recommended for publication, may be sent for re-review by another reviewer.  In this case, final decision on publication or refusal to publish scientific article is made by the Editorial Board of the Journal after considering results of two reviews.

 2.13.  Reviews of scientific articles’ manuscripts are kept by the Executive Secretary of the Journal for five years.

 2.14.  The Editors have the right to verify the text of article for originality and anti-plagiarism.

 2.15.  Scientific, informational messages and other materials, that are not scientific articles, are not reviewed, and decision on their publication is made by the Editorial Board.