N.I. Khimina, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)

Reference book “Statehood of Russia: totals and results”

Abstract: This article reviews the results of multi-year activity of VNIIDAD in the sphere of compilation of the Reference-book «The Statehood of Russia». The result of this activity was the creation of a fundamental reference book, which at a modern level of historical knowledge contains in a systematized form information on succeeding «prikaz», collegiate and ministerial systems of state administration in Russia from the end of the 15th century to February 1917 and their main attributes - documentation, posts and titles. The continuation of the general large-scale research project on the Statehood of Russia was the compilation of a multi-type Reference-book «Types and versions of documents of the Soviet period (1917-1991)», which reflected the composition and dynamics of the evolution of the main documentation systems and processes of documenting the most important spheres of activity of the Soviet state.

Keywords: statehood of Russia, state institutions, official records, history of Russia, the Soviet period.