S.V. Drokov, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)

Methodological Aspects of Preservation and Destruction of Applications (Requests) for the Services’ Provision in Multifunctional Centers of State and Municipal Services

Abstract: The article analyzes the practice of regulatory impact of legislation and regulations, containing standard basic requirements and knowledge of documentation, document management, operational storage and use of documents created, received and stored as evidence and asset, confirming legal obligations on the activities of multifunctional centers for the provision of state and municipal services (MFC). Examples of the consequences of artificial withdrawal of methodological aspects of safety and destruction of applications (requests) for the provision of services from the contour of a single order of the MFC offi ce-work are considered. The key segments of operational safety of documents associated with operational risk are presented. It is emphasized that the primary actions of the IFC should not be the nature of waiting for additional explanations, but effective measures aimed at calculating the economic essence of the risk and the program transition to modern technologies of accounting, storage and use of electronic documents. The components of the program of structured storage of electronic documents of the MFC, as well as elements of a planned and coordinated set of principles, procedures and activities necessary to ensure effective and systematic control over the creation, receipt, storage, use and destruction of documents as evidence of the activities of the MFC. The interdependence of the activity of the MFC on the application of professional standards – documents establishing requirements for knowledge, skills, competencies, system of values and personal qualities, with the implementation of the processes of documentation, management, safety of information created by the MFC and its systems.

Keywords: document, documenting, document flow, single office process, service request, use of documents, classification of files, multifunctional centers of state and municipal services, operational storage of documents, order of office work, the principle of «one window», checks, professional standard, risk, structured safety of electronic documents, risk management, services, electronic documents.