V.V. Tyurin, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)

To The Question of Creating the System of the Terms, Applicable to the Definition of «Electronic Record»

Abstract: The article describes a problem of actualization of definitions in the sphere of electronic record management and archives of electronic records related to building the terminology system with the dominant definition. As one of the aspects of the solution, the «matrix of terms relations» is proposed as an auxiliary analysis tool of the linked of terms applicable to the concept of «electronic document», considering the specifics of records and archival management. Using the «matrix» it is possible to identify the relations between terms in the system for paper documents and electronic records, to establish and describe for them a different type of relations, to detect inconsistencies and build an analogy of linked terms for different dominant definition and scientific disciplines.

Keywords: terms analysis, electronic record, analytical tool, matrix of terms relations, problem of the actual definitions, records and archival terminology and definitions.