M.I. Meltyukhov, M.L. Nagornaya, N.A. Tkachenko, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)

Analysis of Research Work in the Framework of «Informatization Program of the Federal Archival Agency and its Subordinate Institutions for 2011–2020» for the Period 2011–2016

Abstract: The article is devoted to the analysis of research works carried out mainly by the institutions subordinated to Rosarkhiv within the framework of the implementation of state tasks and projects of the Federal Target Program «Culture of Russia (2012–2018)» within the framework of the Informatization Program of the Federal Archival Agency and its subordinate federal archives for 2011–2020.

Keywords: federal archives, informatization of the main activities of archives, archival documents, research works, information resources, information technologies, electronic records circulation system, interdepartmental electronic records circulation, information and telecommunication infrastructure, digitization of archival documents, digitization of inventories, information and reference systems, databases, electronic public services, Internet resources, software.