V.N. Sorokin, N.E. Zvereva, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)
Some aspects of research and analysis of foreign information sources on electronic records cycling (or flow) and electronic records problems

Abstract: The article includes some aspects of scientific research on actual trends of the foreign leading archival institutions activity on electronic records cycling and electronic records problems, identified in the process of analysis of foreign sources on records management and archival activity. The authors explore the sources of foreign periodical literature, materials of official Internet sites, conferences, international projects on the problems studied. The authors have marked the direct link of the scientific and research work with the finding out of possible directions to improve electronic records and archives management, informatization of archives, development and implementation of electronic records cycling, organization of records keeping and archival activity at the age of digital economy.

Key words: blockchain, records provision of management, foreign experience, international activity, electronic records cycling, electronic records.