I.V. Sabennikova, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)
Beyond the Digit: What We Gain and What We Lose in the Context of Digital Transformation

Abstract: Questions are raised about the organization of access and use of electronic documents in state (municipal) archives and the need to define the related concept of “archival electronic document”. Possible formats and forms of providing archived documents to users both in the reading room and in online access are analyzed. Th e question is raised about the protection of information when using electronic documents from unauthorized copying and misuse in the future. The need to ensure intellectual property rights are not only published in the electronic document, but also on such intellectual property as software for electronic computers, databases, Internet sites, taken as a whole as a complex of works including design, text and illustrative materials and other components that act as separate independent objects of intellectual property. In this regard, it is concluded that the development of a set of normative and methodological documents defining the principles of organizing the use of electronic documents in state (municipal) archives, as well as the preparation of rules for their publication, is relevant.

Keywords: digital record, on-line access, use of digital records, digital publications, online exhibitions, intellectual property, VNIIDAD.