V.M. Elin, V.Z. Khaimov, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)
Peculiarities of Information Security During the Archival Storage of Electronic Records

Abstract: The author reviews the problem of providing long-term archival storage of electronic records while preserving their legal significance for federal and regional public authorities At the same time attention is drawn to the need to take into account some legal and technical regulation peculiarities in implementation of this activity. It shows the specifics of relationship between electronic signature and electronic record. The grounds for recognition of the electronic signature as legally significant are disclosed, including the cases with expired certificate of the electronic signature verification key. The article describes the conditions for applying technical regulations to ensure information security in electronic records’ archival storage. Recommendations MoReq2, a set of functional requirements for managing electronic records, using automated electronic records management systems, are presented.

Keywords: archival storage of records, certification center, information security management, electronic signature, electronic records management.