L.A. Chekalina, O.B. Stefan, A.P. Kravtsov, Historical Archives of the Omsk Region, All Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Records and Archives Management (VNIIDAD)
Standing Guard on the Interests of Historical Truth. On Popularization of Historical and Documentary Heritage, Using Modern Information Technologies

Abstract: The article deals with the activity of state archival institutions of the Russian Federation’s subjects, aimed at preserving historical memory and popularizing documents of the Archival Fund of the Russian Federation, using the Internet. Based on the information, published at the official websites of authorities and archival institutions, an attempt was made to analyze the work of regional archives on virtual exhibition projects’ creation. Special attention is paid to electronic exhibitions, devoted to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Keywords: documentary heritage, historical memory, state archives of the Russian Federation’s subject, virtual exhibition, virtual exhibition project.