V.A. Eryomchenko, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)
Problems and Prospects of Forming and Keeping the Register of Documents’ Types (In Discussion Form)

Abstract: The author examines the issues of creating, forming and keeping the Register of documents’ types (Register). The necessity of creating the Register is justified, such new concepts as “formation”, “keeping” of the Register, “newly formed (new) types of documents” are defined. The emerging problems in the formation and keeping of the Register and possible solutions are indicated. The main organizational and methodological directions of creating the Register and its use for improvement of archival activity and records management are proposed.

Keywords: appraisal of documents, departmental lists, newly formed (new) types of documents, Register, registry entry, Register’s formation, Register’s keeping, standard list, Register of documents’ types, types (varieties) of documents.