Albrekht B.V., Ilyina K.B., All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)
Issues and Features Related to the Terminology, Regulatory and Methodological Framework and the Document Types in the Field of Industrial Safety

Abstract: The article was prepared in the process of the development of the Draft List of typical archival documents, created in the scientific, technical and production activities of organizations, with indication of their retention periods. Core concepts in the field of industrial safety are studied, regulatory and methodological framework and its updating are analyzed, and document types indicated in Current List and Draft List are compared. The article focuses on the inconsistency of terminology in the field of industrial safety or between other spheres of activity in legislative and regulatory documents at both federal and departmental levels, on the presence in the Draft List of a large number of specific administrative documentation, and on frequent inconsistencies between the document type and its content.

Keywords: administrative documentation, hazardous industrial facility, industrial safety, inspection, scientific and technical documentation, standard technical documentation, technical supervision.