Kyung P.А., Romanova E.A., Afanasyeva L.P., All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)
Preservation of Modern Scientific Heritage: Draft List of Typical Archival Documents, Created in the Scientific, Technical and Production Activities of Organizations, with Indication of their Retention Periods

Abstract: List of typical archival documents, created in the scientific, technical and production activities of organizations, with indication of their retention periods, is the basic normative legal act for systematization, determination of temporary storage terms and referring to the Archival Fonds of the Russian Federation of documents of organizations conducting or somehow related to research, scientific, technical and industrial activities. In the course of the planned revision and creation of the Draft List, the team of developers – employees of VNIIDAD faced a whole range of problems and issues to be resolved. This article is devoted to the analysis of these problems. In the course of the study, the issues of determining the number of links, the structure of the List, and the examination of the value of documents are considered.

The results of the study provide the necessary theoretical basis for the upcoming review of the Draft List, as well as its discussion at the Public Council of the Federal Archival Agency and publication on the website

Keywords: archival appraisal, groups of organizations, List of typical archival documents, scientific and technical documentation, structure of the List.