S.V. Drokov, All-Russian Archival Science and Records Management Research Institute (VNIIDAD)
Historical Data in the Digital Transformation of Documented Areas of Activity: on the Issue of Measurement and Accounting

Abstract: The theses on the limited usefulness of documents in Word format and the risk of excessive dependence of instability cases on historical data are considered. The rules for evaluating the evidence of sources in court are disclosed. The experience of lawmaking aimed at improving legal regulation in the field of creation and use of electronic documents is presented. The theses on the key directions of the impact of digital transformation on the models of functioning of the economy and society are detailed. Examples of the productive turnover of historical data recorded in newspaper files, primary balance sheets and police reports are given. It is revealed that historical data is ignored in the tasks of increasing the maturity of data analytics for the transition of Russian organizations from retrospective analysis to the game of anticipation. The theory of «sourcometry-documentometry», tested at the VNIIDAD experimental site, is extrapolated in the tasks of digital transformation of documented areas of activity.

Keywords: analytics, bimodality, crisis, cybercrime, data, deflation, digital transformation, document, documented areas, documentometry, economy, historical data, sign, sourcometry, risks, stability, text.