E.M. Myagkova, A.V. Repnikov, M.A. Zakharchenko, All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Records and Archives Management (VNIIDAD)
The Leningrad Battle and Siege of Leningrad in Archival Documents Publications for the Period from 1991 to 2022: Part 2: Documents of Personal Origin, Internet Projects

Abstract: In the history of Leningrad Battle ( July 10, 1941 – August 9, 1944) the research work on Siege of Leningrad (September 8, 1941 – January 27, 1944) was often complicated by the political conjuncture contradictions. The impartial study is impossible without referring to archival documents. Therefore, the Archival revolution affects the publication of numerous collections of official documents, diaries, memoires and monographs. The conceptual development of publications, based on documents of personal origin and Internet projects, on the Leningrad Battle and the Siege of Leningrad for the last 30 years are analyzed, the main trends in strategies for preparing the collections of archival documents are presented.

Keywords: conceptual development of documentary publication, documentary publication, documents of personal origin, the Great Patriotic War, historical memory, Internet projects, the Leningrad Battle, selection of documents for publication, the Siege of Leningrad.