L.P. Afanasyeva, M.L. Nagornaya, All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Records and Archives Management (VNIIDAD)
Developing the Electronic Usage Fund in State and Municipal Archives

Abstract: The problems in developing the electronic usage fund (imperfection of regulatory and methodological framework, planning, rate setting, and financing) are analyzed. The findings of lack of planned work on the electronic usage fund development in a significant part of the federal and municipal archives, and lack of unified methodology for estimating of work value, based on the analysis of regulatory and methodological documents, survey materials of archival institutions and events conducted by VNIIDAD with the support of the Federal Archival Agency are made. The need for methodological improvement in metadata accounting information unification for inclusion in the remote access information system, and the need for methodological improvement in rate setting and efforts estimating are highlighted.

Keywords: documents usage of Archive Fund of the Russian Federation, electronic usage fund, financing of electronic usage fund development, information system, methodological support, planning, rate setting, remote access.