K.B. Ilina, All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Records and Archives Management (VNIIDAD)
Foreign experience in databases archival storage

Abstract: As part of the development of the Procedure for acquisition of electronic archival records in state and municipal archives, in accordance with the VNIIDAD Research Plan for 2022, an analysis of international experience on transferring databases to state archival storage was carried out. Foreign and national literature, normative and methodological documents, international programs and projects, publications of official archival institutions’ websites are the sources of the study. Such databases preservation methods as conversion, normalization and emulation are described. The case studies and examples of application in foreign archival institutions for each method are given. In conclusion, summary on the applicability of preservation strategies in relation to various types of databases is presented.

Keywords: acquisition, archives, CHRONOS, conversion, databases, format migration, emulation, preservation, RODA, SIARD, XML.

For citation: Ilina K.B. Foreign experience in databases archival storage. Vestnik VNIIDAD = Herald of VNIIDAD. 2022;5:42–55. (In Russian). https://doi.org/10.55970/26191601_2022_5_42